Our mission

There are 80 million kilometers of energy infrastructure on our planet.
That is 200 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

These power lines and pipelines are critical to the proper functioning of our society. And they have to be inspected at regular intervals (sometimes several times a month) to ensure their good condition and prevent failures.

Today, these inspections are carried out with vehicles that emit high levels of greenhouse gases. The HyLighter is able to carry out these inspections more accurately, more safely for human beings and with 0 greenhouse gas emissions in flight.

Beyond this direct avoidance of emissions, our greatest impact lies in the data we collect.
Because, by making inspections more efficient, the HyLighter enables the detection of previously uncollected data. Indeed, large scale methane leak detection is now viable! These leaks on oil and gas infrastructures account for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, operators can repair them. But to repair them, they must be identified.
HyLight makes this possible at large scale and even for the finest leaks.

HyLight's technology will soon be useful in other sectors too.
We'll be able to observe hundreds of hectares of European forests and understand the new diseases affecting them. We'll be able to analyze the evolution of sea levels by effectively observing coastlines. We'll be able to understand the growing hydric stress affecting our agricultural land, so that we can direct our efforts to the right places.

The HyLighter will enable us to better observe and understand our world in the face of climate change.

Meet our team

Our ambition is to make our societies resilient to the effects of climate change by working on observation and inspection for a better understanding of our world.
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We are making infrastructure management safer, cheaper and better.