The HyLighter is an airship drone

powered by electricity capable of flying slowly (and hovering) over hundreds of kilometers equipped with the best sensors.
Better maintenance decision thanks to better information
Maintenance represents the highest cost for infrastructure operators. Therefore, having access to higher quality data is key to making better enlightened decisions for maintenance operations especially when it comes to deciding on human interventions.
Providing this higher quality data to infrastructure operators is our priority.
Better impact and image for people thanks to thoughtful design.
Inspecting thousands of kilometers of infrastructure, often in close proximity to people, has repercussions. Noise, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and intrusion are all stress factors for people and animals.
We have developed the HyLighter to be slow, non-threatening, silent, easy to spot, easy to understand and without any pollution or greenhouse gas emission in flight.
Cost efficiency thanks to operational efficiency
There are hundreds of kilometers of infrastructure to inspect monthly. And, those infrastructures are everywhere.
Our solution is built to make more than 300 km of aerial inspections in 1 day while being equipped with multi-sensors to collect all the data needed in 1 single flight. Also, our solution was designed to be operational quickly and without requiring aerial bases or infrastructure. It can quickly take off and land anywhere.

We are making infrastructure management safer, cheaper and better.